Amazing Athletes is an independent organization that offers a weekly program taking place after the Bethany Community School’s day. It is a weekly program built on a building block system that takes the time to carefully break down and teach the basic fundamentals and mechanics of nine different sports: basketball, football, soccer, golf, baseball, lacrosse, hockey, tennis, and volleyball. No other children’s sport and fitness program is better able to utilize the movements of sports in a way that helps children to meet, master, and exceed their motor development milestones. Also, since all of our classes are taught in a group setting we are able to incorporate lessons in sportsmanship, teamwork, and self-confidence. Most importantly, we teach each child at his or her own pace. By allowing children to build their skills at their own comfort level, they become accustomed to sports and fitness in a natural way that will benefit them throughout adolescence and stick with them into adulthood.

Dustin Sewell, Owner

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