What is Bethany Bridges?

Bethany Bridges is a private organization designed to complement the work of Bethany Community School and Bethany Christian Church.  We offer extended care for your children from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and also from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Why should I enroll?

Bethany Bridges is housed in an adjacent wing of the Bethany Christian Church building.  At times when children need to transition from one program to the other, either before or after school, our personnel will easily and safely take your children to or from class. Once in the Bridges classroom your child will continue to have the highest quality of care and education that you have come to expect from Bethany Community School.

Meet the Owner!

“Hi there! My name is Hannah Pelliccio and I am the owner of Bethany Bridges.  I discovered Bethany Community School in 1995, and immediately enrolled my 2 year old son. What a blessing for my family that I found this school!  I have three children and they have all graduated from Bethany. For me, Bethany is the best preschool program available (that 2 year old is now 21). I loved Bethany so much I was also a teacher there for 6 years, and now I am so excited to be back working hand in hand with Bethany to bring you Bethany Bridges.”

Hannah Pellicio

Oklahoma Director’s Certificate
Child Development Associate
Associates in Economics
15 years Teaching Ages 6 weeks-12yrs.
3 years Teaching Mixed Age Groups
5 years Childcare Management
Achieved 3 Star Status for 2 Schools
Achieved Accreditation for 2 Schools

How Do I Enroll?

Go to the Bethany Bridges web site to learn more about us.  On our site you may also enroll and pay online with your credit card. You may request information and get pricing information.