Joy, Administrator


Joy graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in English education and has also done some post graduate work in business. She began her career as a preschool educator 24 years ago, after both of her daughters finished preschool at Bethany Community School.  Early Childhood Education became her passion and she has added to her training fulfilling the 20 hours per year continuing education requirement for teachers for the last couple of decades.  She also trained with the Gesell Institute of Child Development and continues her education with 30 hours of childcare management yearly.  Keeping up with the latest in brain research and child development has kept her fresh and receptive to new ideas and strategies.  In her years at Bethany Community School, she has taught classes at every age level. She is excited to be a part of the progressive direction that is underway at Bethany!

Amber, Associate Administratorfullsizeoutput_b11

Amber is the financial and associate administrator for Bethany Community School.  She attended North Eastern State with a focus on business.  She is married with two children. Amber believes in the Bethany philosophy as both of her children attended the program.  She has been a part of the Bethany family for seven years.  She loves working with the community to create a place where the next generation can grow and learn.





Amanda is a mom of three children, and she loves reading, traveling with her family and serving in her church.  Her family is her passion and she loves being a mom.  This is Amanda’s second year teaching at Bethany Community School.




Joanna has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education from Southern Methodist University.  She believes in and enjoys the Bethany school philosophy.  Joanna has been involved with Bethany Community School as a parent, teacher and now grandparent for over 25 years!





Allison has a Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from Oklahoma State University, and she is certified in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education.  She is married and has a 7-year-old son who attended Bethany Community School for 4 years.  She has taught 1st Grade, and this is her second year as a teacher at Bethany Community School.


Amanda has an associate’s degree in early childhood development from Tulsa Community College and has 10 years of
childcare experience.  She has one son, who is currently in the Primary Class.  She enjoys playing board games and singing. This is her second year as a teacher at Bethany Community School.





Jennie is a certified Early Childhood Teacher for the State of Oklahoma.  She has a degree in Early Childhood Education from Texas Christian University.  She also earned National Board Certification in Early Childhood.  She taught Kindergarten and 1st Grade in public schools for 9 years before staying home for 6 years with her 3 children.  She has been an adjunct instructor with Tulsa Technology Center, teaching classes for the Early Education department for the last 10 years.  She was involved here at Bethany for 8 years as a parent, substitute, and shadow before becoming a teacher.  This is her second year teaching at Bethany Community School.



Mary is a graduate of Oklahoma Baptist University, and she holds a Bachelor of Music in Piano.  She has three children and loves to travel.  Mary has taught piano for 30 years and has been a teacher at Bethany Community School for 15 years.





Leslie graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Communication, and from the University of California, Irvine with a Master’s in Teaching.  She has taught Kindergarten, First Grade, and Preschool.  Outside of teaching and being a mom to her two kids, she is a yoga and barre instructor, and she also enjoys running.  Leslie has been a Bethany parent for the last 4 years, but this is her first year teaching at Bethany Community School.


Ashley was born and raised in Ohio, where she received a Bachelor’s degree from Ashland University.  She is married to her high school sweetheart, and they have two children.  Her son went to Bethany Community School for 3 years and is now in Kindergarten, and her 3 year old daughter is a Bethany student.  She is a Foodie, and loves Target, chocolate, and all Ohio sports teams.  This is Ashley’s first year teaching at Bethany Community School.




Keri holds an Associate of Arts from Northern Oklahoma College, a Bachelor of Science in Education,  from Northeastern State University, and a Masters of Education from Texas Woman’s University.  She taught Special Education at the middle school level for ten years.  She has been married 8 years and has two boys, one a current student in the PreK class and the other is a graduate.  Chocolate, coffee, and shopping at Target (alone) make her happy!  This is her first year at Bethany Community School, and she is so excited to be in the classroom again.


Michelle has a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Administration from Oklahoma State University.  She is married, and has a 5 year old son who attends Bethany Community School.  This is Michelle’s first year teaching at Bethany Community School.






Tona has a B.S. in Elementary Education from Oklahoma State University.  She has been married for 28 years, and has three adult children.  She has almost 20 years teaching experience in the Tulsa area, and has taught classes ranging from age 3 to 3rd grade.  This will be her 11th year teaching at Bethany Community School.




Katie fullsizeoutput_b17

Katie is a mother of four children and has a degree from Oklahoma State University.  She returns to Bethany Community School this year, having taught 5 years at the school in the past.  Her hobbies include being at the baseball and soccer field, running, hanging out with friends and family.


Jamie has 5 children, including Haizlee, who is a student in Toddler 1 class this year.  She has been involved in childcare since she was 15 years old, and this is her 8th  year teaching at Bethany Community School.


Ali has an Associate of Science degree in Nursing, and is working on earning her Bachelor’s degree to become a Registered Nurse.  Her favorite activities include crafts and art, reading, and spending time outdoors.  Although this is Ali’s first year teaching at Bethany Community School, she has been a Bethany parent for several years, as her 6 year-old daughter just graduated from the PreK class last year.



Kathy has an Associate degree in Nursing.  She has been serving families for 20 years as a doula and childbirth educator.  She has 7 children and 11 grandchildren, 2 of whom attended Bethany Community School.  This is her first year teaching at Bethany.


Kristin fullsizeoutput_b05

Kristin is a graduate of Tulsa University with a Masters in Speech Pathology.  She began working at Bethany Community School in August 2011 as a classroom teacher while her two kids attended the Preschool.  Her children are both amazing graduates of Bethany Preschool, and Kristin now works as a facilitator.  She enjoys working with preschoolers and watching their language explode!



Brenda is a graduate of the University of Kansas with a degree in Physical Therapy and she is a licensed Physical Therapist in the State of Oklahoma.  She has two sons, age 23 and 25, who are graduates of Bethany Community School.  She spends her free time creating Stained Glass artwork.  Brenda has taught at Bethany Community School for the past 7 years, and this is her 4th year as a classroom facilitator.


Ongoing Training

All staff members must obtain 20 hours of continuing education each year.  These hours must be approved by the state.

All staff members are required to attend monthly staff meetings in which training is an integral part. A minimum of 2 hours per month is devoted to staff training.